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Quarter Horse Cal-Bred Awards Program

As the Official Cal-Bred Registry for Racing Quarter Horses for the State of California, P.C.Q.H.R.A. administers the Cal-Bred Quarter Horse Awards Program which pays annual premiums to the owner, breeder and owner of the stallion that sires an eligible Cal-Bred that finishes first or second in any Quarter Horse race run in California.

Under current California law, for an AQHA registered foal to qualify for Cal-Bred Awards it must be sired by a stallion that stands in California at the time of conception and it must be registered Cal-Bred with the official registry.

For a foal to be registered Cal-Bred, it has to meet the following requirements:

1) A Cal-Bred foaled prior to Jan. 1, 1997, is defined as an AQHA registered Quarter Horse foal conceived in California.

2) For foals born on or after Jan. 1, 1997, a Cal-Bred is defined as an AQHA registered Quarter Horse foal conceived in California by a stallion standing in California at the time of conception.

The change in definition that became effective January 1997 was prompted by a poll of P.C.Q.H.R.A. membership in response to AQHA's revision of regulations to allow shipment of cooled semen. Based on the results of that poll, the P.C.Q.H.R.A. Board of Directors introduced legislation to change the Cal-Bred definition so that a resulting foal from shipment of semen from California stallions to a mare domiciled outside of California is not be eligible for Cal-Bred registration. The new definition also does not permit the resulting foal of a mare domiciled in California that is bred to an out-of-state stallion by cooled semen to be eligible for Cal-Bred registration.
The only way to produce a Quarter Horse foal eligible for Cal-Bred registration when that foal is bred by shipment of cooled semen is for a California stallion to ship semen to a mare domiciled in California.

The cost to Cal-Bred register an eligible Quarter Horse is:

Supporting Members             Non-Supporting Members

Weanlings: $25.00                    Weanlings: $65.00

Yearlings:   $25.00                    Yearlings:   $65.00

2yo & up:   $60.00                    2yo & up:  $100.00

PCQHRA Supporting Members are those who pay annual dues of $25 per year to support the efforts of the Association. Click and print a Membership form here. PCQHRA Membership

It is important to note that anyone can Cal-Bred a Quarter Horse - it does not have to be the breeder. The owner of the horse, or the owner of the stallion that sired the horse, can Cal-Bred a horse simply by paying the appropriate fee to P.C.Q.H.R.A. The registry would prefer, however, that the registration papers accompany the Cal-Bred Registration so the official Cal-Bred Registry stamp can be affixed to the papers. Every year a number of Cal-Bred Awards are forfeited because the breeder, owner or stallion owner did not register the horse Cal-Bred. The horse must be registered Cal-Bred on or before the day entries are taken for the race in which it earns awards. Outside of the cost to register a Quarter Horse Cal-Bred, there are no other fees associated with the Cal-Bred Awards Program. You do not have to pay fees to register mares, nor do you have to pay fees to register stallions.

Additional Racing Opportunities for Cal-Breds in California-
In addition to the Cal-Bred Awards Program, every racetrack in the State of California that offers Quarter Horse racing is required to offer at least one race a day restricted to Cal-Breds. These races also offer a Cal-Bred premium equal to 25% of the published purse.

There are also considerable stakes opportunities for Cal-Breds racing at Los Alamitos. PCQHRA administers the $425,000 (est) Governor's Cup Futurity for Cal-Breds, and the $225,000 (est) Governor's Cup Derby for Cal-Breds. Los Alamitos Race Course offers the $100,000 Spencer Childers California Breeders Championship. These three races anchor an all state-bred California Champions Night program scheduled in late July at Los Alamitos. This program also features additional stakes restricted to state-bred Quarter Horses. California Champions Night is the showcase event for California-Bred Quarter Horse. Click the link above for California Champions Night information.

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